Greetings from Films 4 Peace Foundation!

Our world is in state of flux, with a lot of worry and fear. There are things, over which we are powerless, so now is the time to focus on what 
we can do to help each other.

Films 4 Peace Foundation is committed to supporting and serving community and migrants at home and abroad including our 100 young peace 
builders, 50 young peace filmmakers and 225 community tolerance promotion members, in rapidly changing circumstances. In response to the 
current crisis, we are committed to sharing information that we hope will be useful - on health and COVID-19.  Our community youth peace 
builders are also providing IEC materials and health aid to the community. We would like to thank USAID’s Obirodh: Road to Tolerance 
Program for supporting us to train dedicated youth on peace building who are playing vital role now in the community 

We developed numbers of health information materials related to washing hands with soap and physical distancing which are the most important 
things individuals can do to protect themselves. Besides, we have started an information campaign to fight against fake news on COVID 19 
and to stop hate crime through social media ( share it as much as possible so that we can aware community people and protect from the Corona Virus.

On the other hand, Films 4 Peace asked the government of Bangladesh to protect the rights of the migrants amid outbreak of COVID-19 and to 
ensure their access to information and services at home and destination countries. Leading Bangladeshi Civil Society organizations endorsed 
(AWAJ Foundation, IMA Research Foundation,CWCS, BASUG, BOMSA, BOAF, INAFI, Probashi Poribar Porishad, Migration, YPSA) and 
expressed solidarity for migrants. (newslink)

We are also monitoring Bangladeshi migrants through our network  and established a dedicated facebook page for migrants and COVID-19 page, which we encourage you to check regularly for updates. Please forward any information that you think might be useful to be shared on the page to 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Pervez Siddiqui
Executive Director
Films 4 Peace Foundation
Phone: +8801753965666
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About APMM

The COVID-19 Migrant Monitor is an urgent action campaign providing timely and appropriate information relating to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and its impact on migrants.