Tenaganita, together with Refuge for Refugees, Dapur Jalanan and Liga Rakyat Demokratik, launched a food relief drive for all migrants and refugee families across Klang Valley affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Started on March 23, the food relief drive has already reached more than 2,200 families from 102 locations. 

More organizations and individuals are volunteering their support to this initiative, which will likely to continue.

According to Glorene Dass, executive director of Tenaganita -

Many more migrant workers and refugees who are working have contacted us for food aid and some are begging us to pay their rental payment – they have been threatened to be thrown out by the house / apartment owner of their place of stay. Quite frankly, migrant workers are not afraid of COVID 19; they are more afraid that they would be starving, for they can no longer work and earn a wage.

Since the government has overlooked the responses in providing services to the migrants, basically disregarding their conditions, migrant at this point of time are helpless not knowing where to go for assistance. Yes, the Diplomatic Missions are doing their best in providing what is necessary upon the request of the Malaysian Government, but their resources and capacity are limited to meet the need of the thousands who are here as migrant workers from their own countries.

About APMM

The COVID-19 Migrant Monitor is an urgent action campaign providing timely and appropriate information relating to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and its impact on migrants.