In this edition of the Web Interview Series, Noel Tolentino of Samahan ng mga Migranteng Manggagawa sa Qatar (SAMMAQA) shares with us the conditions faced by overseas Filipino workers in Qatar during the COVID-19 pandemic. The interview was conducted in Tagalog. 

To help the viewers, the segments of the interview are:

00:38 - Situation of overseas Filipino workers in Qatar
02:00 - How are they coping with the impacts of the pandemic
03:15 - Response of the Qatar Government to their problems
04:22 - Response of the Philippine Embassy to their problems
06:08 - How SAMMAQA assists them
06:44 - What are the most important issues of migrants that need to be addressed by the Qatar and Philippine governments

About APMM

The COVID-19 Migrant Monitor is an urgent action campaign providing timely and appropriate information relating to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and its impact on migrants.