[Updated: Oct 9, 2020 4:28 pm]


Open for citizens: Partial

Open for foreigners: Partial

Quarantine: YES


·      Passengers are not permitted to travel to Vietnam.

·      This does not apply to:

o   Nationals of Vietnam,

o   Passengers travelling for official or business purposes; investors, technical experts, skilled workers, business managers, government officials and passengers with an approval from the National Steering Committee on Prevention and Control of COVID-19, provided they have a medical certificate issued by authorities proving that they are free of Covid-19.


Latest News: Flights from Vietnam to several Asian countries to resume from 18 September (AP News, 16.09.2020). Vietnamese carriers brace to resume international flights (Vn Express,12.09.2020)

International Restrictions:
Commercial flights to and from Vietnam remain very limited. Currently transit in Vietnam is not allowed. Borders with China, Cambodia and Laos are currently closed except for the import and export of goods. Vietnam has temporarily suspended visa waivers, issuing of visas and the entry into Vietnam for all foreign nationals. There are a very small number of exceptions for diplomats on official business and certain high-skilled workers. These will be processed on case by case basis. Such applications are required to be led by Vietnamese employers who must work directly through individual provincial government offices. The requirements and process may differ from province to province. The costs of quarantine, both in government centres and designated hotels, must be paid by those arriving or their employers. Should you be asked to undertake testing / self-isolation and / or quarantine you should comply. Failure to comply can be an offence with significant punishments. Vietnam’s quarantine requirements are mandated by the Vietnamese Ministry of Health. Those arriving in Vietnam are required to provide information about recent travel. There is no requirement for testing on departure though anyone who has tested positive previously may be asked to show their negative test results and release certificates.






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