[Updated: Oct 9, 2020 3:54 pm]


Open for citizens: partial

Open for foreigners: NO

Quarantine: YES


·      Passengers are required to hold a negative Covid-19 PCR test certificate from an accredited laboratory obtained within 72 hours prior to arrival in Sri Lanka, and will be subject to a Covid-19 PCR test on arrival.

·      Passengers travelling to Sri Lanka must hold proof of booked accommodation in Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) registered and ‘Safe and Secure’ certified establishments for a minimum stay of 5 nights, and have valid travel insurance with health and hospitalization coverage for the entire duration of their stay. Passengers must have booked accommodation in close proximity to their arrival airport in Sri Lanka for their first night until the results of the on arrival Covid-19 PCR test are received.

·      Passengers must submit a completed Health Declaration Form (HDF) on arrival in Sri Lanka.

·      The issuance of all types of visa is currently suspended.

·      Passengers holding a visa, resident visa or an electronic travel authorisation (ETA) issued by Sri Lanka before the suspension are not permitted to enter Sri Lanka.


Latest News: The reopening of Colombo Airport is delayed indefinitely, after repatriation flights suspended due to a spike in infections (TTG Asia, 14.07.2020).

International Restrictions:
Sri Lankan Airlines, Qatar Airways, Etihad and Emirates are operating outbound flights. Some airlines require PCR tests before travel. Some inbound flights are operating for repatriations of Sri Lankan nationals. A PCR test is required before and after entry into Sri Lanka. Returnees are subject to a mandatory 14 days in quarantine, followed by 14 days self-isolation at home. Entry to Sri Lanka is currently prohibited for all non-nationals and residents. Cruise ship passengers will not be allowed to disembark in the country, including for temporary shore visits. Transit via Sri Lanka is permitted, as long as the connecting flight is within 10 hours of arrival. Travellers should check with their airline on the transit times. There are limited airside refreshment facilities available due to COVID-19 restrictions. 14 day quarantine is mandatory for all those travelling into Sri Lanka, followed by 14 days self-isolation at home. Those entering must undergo temperature checks at the airport. All entrants must now take a PCR test.




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