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Open for citizens: YES

Open for foreigners: partial

Quarantine: NO

  • Passengers are not permitted to enter Singapore.
  • This does not apply to the following passengers, provided they have submitted an electronic health declaration to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority three days prior to their arrival in Singapore:
    • Nationals of Singapore,
    • Passengers holding a residence permit issued by Singapore,
    • Nationals of China, provided holding both a valid “Safe Travel Pass” for the intended duration of stay and a negative PCR test result issued within 48 hours prior to their travel, proving that they are free of Covid-19.
    • Residents of Malaysia travelling from Malaysia, provided holding a SafeTravel Pass issued by Singapore for a single-entry, and holding a negative Covid-19 PCR test certificate obtained within 72 hours prior to departure. Maximum stay of 14 days. Passengers must apply for the Safe Travel Pass at least a week prior to departure to Singapore and be hosted by a company or a government agency in Singapore,
    • Passengers holding a short or long-term Visit Pass or a Student Pass; provided holding a printed Approval Letter of Entry or a waiver letter issued by an appropriate Singaporean ministry,
    • Passengers holding a Pre-approved Business Pass issued by the Ministry of Trade and Industry,
    • Passengers holding a work permit issued by Singapore and their dependants, provided holding an approval letter issued by the Ministry of Manpower. 

Singapore New arrivals to wear monitoring devices during 14-day home isolation from 10 August (Channel News Asia, 02.08.2020)


International restrictions:

Short term visitors from anywhere in the world are not able to enter Singapore. If you have extenuating circumstances for which you need to enter Singapore, you will only be permitted entry if you have been issued a ‘SafeTravel Pass’. For more information see SafeTravel Pass Application Portal. If you are a spouse or child of a Singapore resident (Singapore citizens and permanent residents) who needs to visit Singapore due to extenuating circumstances, an application for entry may be submitted via the Ministry of Health. Travellers are advised to check the Singapore Ministry of Health’s (MOH’s) website before travelling. Measures for inbound travellers are summarised in the COVID-19 Appendix. All work pass holders must comply with all Singapore government regulations or face their passes being revoked and/or fines/jail. The Singapore Ministry of Manpower will only allow work pass holders and/or their dependents to enter Singapore if they have obtained prior approval of the Ministry. Employers of work pass holders are required to obtain approval from the Ministry before pass holders are able to travel to Singapore. Approval may be subject to conditions such as obtaining a doctor’s certificate before flying. Any work pass holders or dependents who are granted permission to enter Singapore will be issued with a 14-day Stay at Home Notice (SHN). Singapore’s Changi Airport has allowed transit to authorised airlines from 2 June but to date transit is only possible in certain circumstances. Check with your airline before undertaking a journey via Singapore. Further details can be found on the Ministry of Manpower website [https://www.mom.gov.sg/covid-19]. Work pass holders will be refused entry or risk deportation if they do not comply with this requirement. They also risk having their work pass revoked.


Travel Advisories and Entry Restrictions Imposed by Foreign Countries

To tackle the COVID-19 situation, many countries have imposed entry restrictions and border closures. Please refer to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Travel Centre website when planning your travel routes. As the measures imposed could result in flight cancellations and reduction in flight frequency, you are advised to check with your airline or travel agency to ensure that your flight routes are still operating prior to departing for the airport. 


You may also refer to the MFA Travel Information pages for more travel information related to the destinations. 



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