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Public Advisory: Updates on Travel Restrictions Imposed upon Filipino Travelers


PASAY CITY 05 October 2020 — The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) reports that South Africa has lifted its inbound travel restrictions, including on Filipino travelers, subject to medical protocols.


Moreover, the DFA clarifies that Alert Level 4 (Mandatory Repatriation Phase) and the POEA deployment ban on OFWs going to Iraq are still enforced.


Meanwhile, previous information on travel restrictions for other countries and regions across the globe remain the same.


The DFA continues to remind the public that information contained in the infographics is subject to change without prior and sufficient public notice. It is always best, therefore, to check ahead of travel dates with airlines, as well as with relevant Embassies or Consulates before booking a ticket and before departure. END


Open for citizens: YES

Open for foreigners: partial

Quarantine: YES

·      Passengers are not permitted to enter or transit Philippines.

·      This does not apply to the following passengers, provided they are holding a valid and existing visa, proof of a pre-booked accredited quarantine facility and a pre-booked COVID-19 test:

o   Nationals of Philippines, and their spouses and minor children (children regardless of age if they have special needs),

o   Foreign parents of Filipino minor children (children regardless of age if they have special needs),

o   Passengers holding a letter from the relevant department addressed to the Bureau of Immigration permitting the passenger to enter,

o   Foreign government and international organisation officials accredited to the Philippines​, including their dependents,

o   Crew members (they are exempt from holding a visa or proof of a pre-booked quarantine facility and a pre-booked COVID-19 test),

o   Seamen with a 9[C] visa,

o   Passengers holding one of the following long-term visas:

o   13 Quota, 13[a], 13[b], 13[c], 13[d], 13[e], 13[g] visas,

o   RA 7919 visa,

o   EO324 visa,

o   Native born visa,

o   Temporary resident visa issued based on Section 13 [a] of CA 613 as amended in Memorandum Order NO.ADD-01-038/ADD-02-015,

o   Permanent resident visa issued based on Section 13 [a] of CA 613 under Memorandum Order NO. MCL-07-021.


Government further eases COVID-19 restrictions in Manila, places city of Iligan under minor lockdown following rise in infections. (AP, 01.09.2020)Public transport will resume operations in Manila as COVID-19-related restrictions eased (Manila Bulletin, 18.08.2020).

*****Interntional Restrictions:
Authorities suspended all commercial flights at General Santos International Airport from 24 August following surge in COVID-19 infections. Due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, the Philippine government has announced a temporary change and entry visa restrictions. Passengers arriving at any international port of entry may be subjected to mandatory quarantine (for a maximum of 14 days) and/or be required to undergo Covid-19 testing on arrival. You are expected to pay the costs of your quarantine and/or Covid-19 testing. The Philippine Government has confirmed that foreign nationals will be able to leave the Philippines at any time during the period of enhanced quarantine.





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