updated on 20.11.2020

·       The government announced that returning Nepali citizens are allowed entry through a limited number of border points.


·       The US Embassy continues to receive limited reports of foreigners being permitted entry to Nepal.  (US embassy in Nepal)

updated on 30.10.2020

·       The government announced September 14 that all land ports of entry into Nepal remain closed through midnight the night of October 16. There are a limited number of border points through which returning Nepali citizens are allowed entry.

No foreigners are permitted entry to Nepal at this time. The government of Nepal has approved exceptions for diplomatic, international organization, and some international non-governmental organization personnel. (source: U.S. Embassy in Nepal)

updated on 16.10.2020

Open for citizens: YES Open for foreigners: NO Open for tourism: NO Quarantine: YES

Latest News: Nepal’s aviation authority plans to resume flights to, from India from 17 October (NDTV, 02.10.2020) Civil aviation authority will allow international carriers to resume unlimited number of flights from 1 October (Nepali Times, 28.09.2020).


updated on 09.10.2020


Latest News: Domestic flights, long-distance bus services to resume from 21 September (Himalayan Times, 15.09.2020). Kathmandu Valley lockdown will be eased from 10 September (My Republica, 10.09.2020). Domestic flights, long-distance bus services will remain suspended until 16 September. (My Republica, 31.08.2020)

International Restrictions:
Commercial flights resumed on 2 September. Flights currently remain very limited. Entry is currently prohibited for certain foreign nationals. Nepal’s land-based entry crossings into Nepal will remain closed to foreigners from third countries until midnight 16 October. You will be required to show a valid PCR test demonstrating that you did not have COVID-19, taken within 72 hours of travel.
Public health requirements for humanitarian flights 

Source: https://travelbans.org/asia/nepal/


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