updated on 20.11.2020

Yangon – Myanmar’s State Counselor’s Office says the government is considering relaxing many COVID-19 restrictions, including stay-at-home orders, to ease the impact on the country’s economy. (The Irrawaddy 19.11)

updated on 30.10.2020

International Restrictions:
All airlines in Myanmar have suspended their domestic flights until 15 November. You should contact individual airlines for details.

*Entry to Myanmar: The Government of Myanmar has suspended all international commercial passenger flights from any of its airports until 30 November. It will then review the situation. New tourist visa applications are currently suspended. At present Myanmar authorities can offer business visas to foreign nationals with a compelling case. You or your employer must make your case to your nearest Myanmar Embassy and obtain permission.
These arrangements are subject to change and at short notice.

*Testing/Screening on arrival: There are temperature checks for all arrivals. Arrivals must provide evidence of a negative COVID-19 test result.
Testing requirements ahead of entry to Myanmar are subject to change.

updated: 09.10.2020

Open for citizens: partial Open for foreigners: NO Open for tourism: NO Quarantine: YES

Latest News: Government imposes stay-at-home orders in 11 townships in Mandalay, Bago, Ayeyarwaddy regions and Mon state starting Saturday 26 Sept because of COVID-19 (Xinhua, 26.09.2020). Government extends ban on all international flights through 31 October (Myanmar Times, 25.09.2020). Government announces stay-at-home order for Yangon (Reuters, 20.09.2020). Domestic flights canceled until end of September after government increases lockdown measures in Yangon because of COVID-19 (Reuters, 10.09.2020). Government imposes mandatory quarantine, COVID-19 test for visitors to Naypyitaw (Reuters, 03.09.2020).


*Quarantine requirements: Arrivals in Myanmar must enter government-arranged quarantine. You will be allotted your quarantine facility on arrival. You may have no choice but will be placed in the same government quarantine facility or hotel as all the other people on your flight. You will be provided with food, for which you will be charged. The standard quarantine period for new arrivals is 28 days (21 days in a government-arranged facility, followed by 7 days of home quarantine). However, foreign nationals can, through contacting their nearest Myanmar Embassy, request permission to undergo a shorter quarantine period. In this case, the quarantine requirements are as follows:
• Complete 7 days home quarantine prior to the date of travel. This must be verified by an employer’s or doctor’s declaration, or a self-declaration. During these 7 days you may only leave your place of quarantine to take a COVID test.
• Provide evidence of a negative COVID test result.
• Complete 7 days quarantine in a government facility or government approved hotel on arrival in Myanmar (allocated on arrival).
• Undertake a COVID test after 7 days (through the National Health Laboratory, at a cost is MMK 200,000). If you test negative, you must complete a further 7 days of home quarantine and will then be able to leave quarantine. If you test positive, you will be transferred to a designated government hospital for COVID patients. You will be required to remain for 28 days in hospital, after which you can leave if you have tested negative for COVID for two consecutive weeks prior.
The government of Myanmar can extend quarantine periods for a number of reasons, even for those who have been granted permission to undergo a shorter quarantine period. This includes if any person on a flight tests positive for COVID-19. If hospitalised with coronavirus, patients are obliged to use a government facility even if they have private insurance. Patients in government hospitals are generally expected to make their own arrangements for bringing in food and other essential supplies. Lone travellers will not be allowed out of isolation to purchase food or make phone calls.
These arrangements are subject to change and at short notice. Confirmation should be sought from a Myanmar Embassy well in advance of your departure.

*Data collection: Arrivals will be expected to provide contact details. We are not aware of any requirement to download an app.



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