updated: 20.11.2020

A nationwide lockdown will come into effect in Lebanon from 5am on Saturday 14 November 2020, until 5am on 30 November to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Movement is prohibited between 5pm and 5am. Hospitality businesses will be closed; public and private gatherings banned and there are restrictions on transport. Supermarkets and food shops will remain open during the day and pharmacies and essential health services can continue their usual opening hours. (Gov.UK)

updated: 30.10.2020

Open for citizens: partial Open for foreigners: partial Open for tourism: NO Quarantine: partial

International Restrictions:
Commercial flights are now operating to and from Lebanon on a limited number of routes. Entry to Lebanon : Beirut’s Rafik Hariri international airport re-opened on 1 July with initially limited capacity of 2,000 passengers daily and limited flights. All passengers travelling to Lebanon must fill this health declaration form online before departure, as required by the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health (MoPH). Passengers travelling to Lebanon, except military personnel, diplomats, members of international organizations, UNIFIL and members of the Lebanese National Social Security Fund or staff cooperative, need to possess an insurance policy that is valid for the duration of their stay in Lebanon, covering all costs of treatment for Coronavirus on Lebanese territory. Alternatively, the policy can be obtained at the insurance counters upon their arrival at Rafik Hariri International Airport-Beirut.

Self-isolation requirements and tests after arrival: From 23 September, if you have travelled from a country where the Government of Lebanon considers PCR tests to be accurate, you must take an additional PCR test within 72 hours of your arrival. You must also self-quarantine before the test and whilst waiting for your results. If your second test result comes back negative, you are able to end your quarantine. If your test is positive, follow Lebanese government advice. If you do not wish to take a second PCR test, you can instead choose to quarantine at your accommodation for 10 days, from the date of your arrival.

If you have travelled from Egypt, Syria, Turkey and all African countries, you must proceed to your accommodation and quarantine for 48 hours, until you receive the results of a PCR test conducted at the airport.

All passengers arriving in Lebanon from Iraq, except Lebanese and foreigners residing in Lebanon, must conduct a PCR check upon arrival at Rafik Hariri International Airport at their own expense. $50 per passenger will be added to the ticket price for doing the required PCR Test upon arrival at the airport.

All passengers from Iraq (except Lebanese and resident foreigners) must have a pre-paid hotel booking for 72 hours in a Government of Lebanon-approved hotel, before travel. On arrival, they must quarantine in one of these hotels for 72 hours during which time a PCR test will be conducted. They will not be allowed to leave the quarantine hotel until they receive the second test result. However, the Lebanese government is keeping these measures under review and they may change at short notice. You must comply with any amended regulations for testing and self-isolation. You should check with your airline and the Embassy of Lebanon in the country you are travelling from before travel.



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