(updated 12 April 2020)

Indonesia does not have any policy response to the COVID-19 outbreak in relation to their nationals living and working abroad, those working in the cruise ships who contracted the virus and wanted to go back home, and those who have returned.

It has also announced the halt on sending Indonesian nationals to work overseas as well as making arrangements for Indonesian migrant workers who will deported back from Malaysia.

In early April, Indonesian nationals working in Malaysia expressed their plight following the Movement Control Order imposed by the Malaysian government to combat the contagion's spread. As a result, many were unable to retrieve their salaries or had no means to buy food, among other essentials. The Indonesian Foreign Ministry said that it has sent 3,000 packages of support to its citizens in Malaysia.





Kabar Bumi (an Indonesia-based organization working on migration and with migrants, returned migrants and families of migrants)

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