(updated 12 April 2020)

  • On March 26, India announced a US$22.6 billion spending plan helps the poor cope with the COVID-19 outbreak. According to Finance Secretary Nirmal Sitharaman, migrant workers will also benefit from the package. This includes:
    • Free grain and other staples for farmers
    • 2,000 rupees cash handouts to poor farmers
    • Free cooking gas to the poor for three (3) months
    • State-sponsored contribution for retirement benefits
    • Insurance cover of 5 million rupees (US$66,900) to medical workers
  • The spending plan will supplement other states’ initiatives, such as:
    • Uttar Pradesh gives 1000 rupees(US$13.39) a month to day earners
    • Punjab gives 3000 rupees (US$40.13) to every registered construction worker
  • Migrant workers, in this context, could be presumed as those who migrate from rural villages to the urban centers to work. According to a news article from Al Jazeera, they are about 17 million whereas foreign workers in India are estimated at 500,000. Around 3 million undocumented Bangladeshis also live in India.





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