(updated 10 April 2020)

  1. Stimulus Package
    • Hong Kong included in its 2020-2021 budget a stimulus package, which includes:
      • A HK$10,000 (US$1,290) cash subsidy to all permanent residents 18 years and above
      • Payment of one (1) month’s rent for lower income families living in public housing
      • Extra one (1) month allowance to people receiving old-age and disability allowance
      • Reduction of profit, salaries, business registration taxes (among others)
  2. for Foreign Domestic Workers
    • It has announced the following for Foreign Domestic Workers:
      • FDWs whose contracts were terminated or have finished can apply for a tourist visa, which will allow them to stay in Hong Kong for a maximum period of 1 month.
      • Home leave can also be deferred for those renewing their contracts or starting with a new employer.
    • The Labour Department likewise released a primer on the obligations and rights of employers and foreign domestic workers. link
  3. Stricter Regulations on Social Distancing
    • Effective 00:00 of March 29, stricter regulations around social distancing have been imposed. No public gathering of more than 4 people is allowed (both for indoors and outdoors). Violators will be penalized. The said regulations have been extended to April 23, 2020. link
    • As of February 2020, Hong Kong hosts around 390,000 foreign domestic workers (more than 95% of whom are women, and mostly coming from Indonesia and the Philippines.


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